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Nature’s Answer Lavender Organic Essential Oil brings you the wonderful essence of the lavender flowers.

Lavender (Lavandula) is native to countries bordering the Mediterranean. The plants are commonly found in herb gardens because of their fragrant leaves and attractive flowers. The scent of Lavender is very calming and relaxing. The ancient Romans used lavender in their baths, and the dried flowers have been used in sachets to scent chests and closets for years.

Nature’s Answer Certified Organic Essential Oils…

Enjoy the distinct advantages and subtle nuances of the naturally enhancing aroma of Nature’s Answer Lavender Organic Essential Oil. Every Nature’s Answer essential oil provides unique, comforting benefits. Essential oils help nurture and energize your senses. They’re naturally uplifting and powerful. These fragrant, penetrating oils are carefully-distilled from flowers, fruits, leaves and roots of botanicals, yielding the wonderful properties only nature can provide.

Essential oils offer aromatic support, while retaining the resonating harmonics of a complex mixture of molecules … uplifting and balancing.

Just like every Nature’s Answer Organic Essential Oil, our Lavender Organic Essential Oil is ultra-concentrated, distilled from exotic plants, herbals, flowers, leaves, roots and fruits grown without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in pristine areas around the world.

As the original FAMILY OWNED pioneer in botanical extract technology since 1972, Nature’s Answer proudly supplies organic, 100% pure essential oils.

From Our Family to Yours…. Since 1972 !

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