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My book is the natural outcome of a personal quest to answer two questions: Why does a sales technique work when it does?  Why does it not work when it doesn’t?

My journey for answers began in 1970, with my first sales position — a door-to-door sales job with a pitch that we had to memorize. No explanation was given as to why those specific words had to be used.

    In subsequent sales jobs over a span of 39 years, no sales manager ever explained to me why their pitch was special, let alone why it worked or did not work in different situations, which remains today pretty much the same situation in sales. The result is that too many people, who possibly could do well in sales given the correct data and the right training, pile up losses and leave the profession.
   That is something that I aim to correct, because I know that anyone can sell, if given the right data and the chance to learn them correctly.
I put what I discovered to be universally workable into a book format designed for self-help training. After testing them, I added practical drills that would immediately improve the vital skills necessary to sell well. A few extra anecdotal success stories from my career added to the reader’s enjoyment.
   The addition of a complete course makes the book not only a self-help manual, but also a training tool for the corporate in-house trainer tasked with the responsibility to train sales personnel.
 Completed honestly, the course ensures complete understanding and ability to apply the materials.

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