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HOW TO SELL Clear and Simple is the first sales training book EVER to take the often-misunderstood principles of selling and make them clear and easy to understand and apply.

New Updated Edition, now with Glossary!

Easy to read, easy to understand, always engaging and often entertaining, HOW TO SELL Clear and Simple is perfect for:

those who don t think of themselves as salespeople (small business owners, health care professionals, accountants, network marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc.), but find that they have to sell to survive AND perfect for Sales Professionals, whether: sales trainees, seasoned veterans, sales managers or executives.

Master the innovative five-step system of selling

HOW TO SELL Clear and Simple gives the reader a fresh, bright look at the entire sales process, with step-by-step sales training, lots of examples, a full glossary, and simple tools for effectively handling sales prospecting, opening, qualifying, presenting, overcoming objections, closing, ensuring customer satisfaction, getting referrals, securing repeat business and much, much more.

The result readers will master the innovative five-step system that improves their ability to close more sales with less stress, have fully satisfied customers, and build a prosperous future business.

By simultaneously satisfying the goals of the salesman, the sales manager, the customer, and the business organization itself, this sales technology stands alone at the pinnacle of workability.

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