Ooly Monster Erasers


Boo! Mistakes better be on the lookout because there are monsters out to get them! You can swap the scary jaws and arms of these Monster Erasers with the other ones to mix up their colors or to match your other stationery. Keep these colorful monsters near so they can keep their one, three and four eyes on the lookout for any errors.

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Ooly Monster Erasers

Scare away your mistakes in a flash with these three scary Monster Erasers! This fun set of pencil erasers shaped like fun monsters in red, blue, and green colors come with interchangeable plastic arms and teeth, handy for holding, matching colors, and camouflage too.

  • 3 monster shaped erasers – no more frightening mistakes!
  • Blue, red, and green colors
  • Plastic arms and jaws – make mistakes fun to erase
  • Interchangeable pieces – mix and match
  • 1.75 inches tall

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Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 in


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