Ooly Cutie Pops Strawberry Scented Puzzle Erasers set of 3


The Cutie Pops Strawberry Scented Puzzle Erasers are here to brighten up your day in every way! Erase away all your pencil mistakes with an amazing strawberry scented eraser set. Mix and match the pieces to create new erasers as you go!

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Never before has erasing mistakes been so delicious! This pack of three puzzle erasers are the perfect companion to any graphite pencil set. And because you get three you can have one for school, one for home and one spare too! Mix and match the nine pieces in the eraser set to explore color combinations or to match your other stationery.

  • Set of three Cutie Pop pencil erasers – never be without one.
  • Mix and match – create new color combinations.
  • Strawberry scented – release the scent when you use
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up

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