Tranquil-Eyes™ 30 day Sleep Supplement


Tranquil-Eyes™ is the perfect blend of all-natural scientifically proven ingredients to give you a better night sleep. We have worked tirelessly to develop and test a sleep formula that (according to us) just seems to work better than anything else we have tried. It’s also approved by a bunch of doctors – so that’s pretty nice.

The truth is most supplements use flow agents, fillers and other BS to help with the manufacturing process. We don’t.We source the highest quality ingredients with no fillers. We don’t use magnesium stearate or any other flow agents that affect the integrity of the formula. Even the vegetable capsules we source only use two ingredients – HPMC (plant cellulose) and water. Most other companies with cheaper “vegetable capsules” actually contain fillers and binding agents in their capsules but they are not required to list it on the label. When we were testing our formulations we found that using these other capsules actually reduced the effect of what was inside.*

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Tranquil-Eyes™ 30 day Sleep Supplement

Made from all-natural ingredients in the USA. It works by supporting your natural sleep cycle by assisting the transition from wakefulness though relaxation and into sleep. Tranquil-Eyes has your back. Take 2 capsules an hour before bed time. If you’ve had a stressful day and still can’t sleep after an hour, take two more.For best results, don’t eat three hours before bed, or do anything stressful two hours before bed and take Tranquil-Eyes one hour before bed.*

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