BodyHealth Perfect Amino Power Meal Dark Chocolate 830 Grams Bag 20 servings

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BodyHealth Perfect Amino Power Meal Dark Chocolate


  • Are you looking for a meal replacement shake made of real, whole foods and bioavailable vitamins?
  • One that raises energy but not blood sugar levels?
  • Do you need a Low-Carb shake that doesn’t cause weight-gain?A shake that actually assists in weight-loss by giving your body everything it does need and nothing it doesn’t?
  • Are you an athlete looking to get stronger, perform better or recover faster?*
  • Are you concerned with muscle loss as you get older?*
  • Are you on a keto, paleo or plant-based diet and do you want quicker body composition progress and gains?*
  • Do you want to avoid blood sugar spikes, bloating, fatigue and other issues tied to poor protein digestion?


PerfectAmino Power meal is only 180 Calories per serving —
With ZERO Sugar!

PerfectAmino Power Meal was created by Dr. Minkoff to be a keto-friendly, complete meal-replacement protein shake, built from the best ingredients on earth. It is 100% natural and is specifically designed to give the body what it needs in terms of protein, healthy fats (MCT Oil), slow-digesting carbs, vitamins, minerals, green superfoods and much more.

It truly is a complete meal replacement shake.

PerfectAmino Power Meal combines:

PerfectAmino: an Essential Amino Acid blend that is 99% utilized by the body in the creation of new protein— 6X greater than Whey protein — that actually repairs muscle tissue during workouts as they occur.

Complete Multi + Liver Detox:Whole-food Organic Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates, biologically relevant doses of Vitamins and Minerals, some of the most Powerful Antioxidants to help fight free-radicals and aging, CoQ10, sourced from real plants, and using bioactive versions of vitamins.

PerfectGreens:A nutrient-packed superfood formula of nature’s most potent plants, including fruit and vegetable superfood extracts, digestive support, anti-inflammatory, fiber, enzymes, and probiotics.

MCT Oil:The long-lasting energy which actually creates ketones for body fuel.

Carb10:The revolutionary, Keto-friendly carbohydrate derived from peas with its unique structure that allows for easy absorption and quick energy without raising blood sugar levels.


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