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-A miracle worker for your teeth and gums! DISINFECTS and KILLS germs and bacteria in your entire mouth INCREASES circulation to teeth and gums, and reduces inflammation FRESHENS breath and RELIEVES pain.-Botanical Ingredients: White Oak Bark, Bayberry Root Bark, Tea Tree Oil, Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Habanero Pepper, Peppermint Oil. Tea Tree Oil is a topical anti-fungal and antibacterial that has been used to treat and prevent infections in dentistry worldwide. Echinacea Root is similar in action to Tea Tree Oil, and is used as an oral antiseptic. Bayberry Root Bark and White Oak Bark are two of the most powerful astringent herbs known. Botanical astringents stop bleeding gums, reduce inflammation and bind and tighten tissue. They have been used for centuries to stop the bleeding after a tooth was pulled, and to tighten up and close the hole. Habanero Pepper supports healthy blood circulation to the teeth and gums, which encourages more rapid healing. The Tea Tree Oil also masks the hot flavor, but not the action.

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