Dr. Schulze’s Lung Tonic


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Dr. Schulze’s Lung Tonic

Dr. Schulze’s Lung Tonic formula is designed to dilate the bronchial, immediately breathe easier, and expectorate the mucus and flem in your lungs.

You don’t want to take drugs to stop the cough and let the dead blood cells live in your lungs and turn into bronchitis or pnuemonia. Use herbs to stimulate your body to fix the problem. Open up your respiratory passageway and boost your immune system with Dr. Schulze Lung herbal supplement.

Benefits: Lung Tonic

  • PROMOTES clearer breathing by opening up respiratory passageways.
  • SUPPORTS the body’s need to cleanse through coughing.
  • SUPPORTS a healthy respiratory system.



Organic Lobelia Leaf and Seed,
Organic Elecampane Root,
Wild Harvested Coltsfoot Leaf,
Wild Harvested Horehound Leaf,
Organic Licorice Root,
Wild Harvested Kola Nut,
Organic Coffee Bean,
Wild Harvested Cherry Bark,
Organic Thyme Leaf,
Organic Fennel Seed,
Organic Peppermint Leaf and Essential Oil

Other Ingredients:
Distilled water,
Organic grain alcohol (36-46%),
unfiltered Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

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