BodyHealth Glandular Organ Complex 150 Caps

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A perfectly balanced, easy to use and absolutely delicious electrolyte drink formula fortified with PerfectAmino to help rebuild muscle and improve endurance. PerfectAmino Electrolytes are available in Orange Slice and Watermelon Zen flavors. It’s time to rehydrate!

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It’s Time You and Your Family Benefit from 5 of Nature’s Most Powerful Superfoods: Grass-Fed Essential Glandular Complex

We created Grass-Fed Essential Glandular Complex to help you and your family reap the benefits of five incredible superfoods without the need to cook and eat these meat products (or, if we’re being honest, taste them).

This unique product harnesses advanced freeze-drying techniques to concentrate the nutrient profile of five organs from healthy, grass-fed cows to give you a wide array of critical nutrients known to boost your energy levels, immune system, heart health, brain health, and overall wellbeing. There is no need to eat these organs to enjoy the health-boosting benefits. You can enjoy the convenience of our easy-to-take capsules.

An easy-to-take supplement containing 5 of nature’s most power-packed superfoods to give you the energy to live your life to the fullest.  Forget about cooking (and tasting…!) liver, heart, and other beef organs – now you can use them to supercharge your body in a quick, easy, capsule form to boost your:

  • Energy levels
  • Immune system function
  • Blood flow
  • Heart health
  • Brain health

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