Paperblanks Pencil Case Jules Verne


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Paperblanks Pencil Case Jules Verne

By working in exclusive partnerships with museums and art collections around the world, Paperblanks has curated a unique and evolving library of designs.
Available in some of Paperblanks’ bestselling cover designs, these pencil cases make ideal stationery sets when paired with the matching journal, address book or planner.

Within every pencil case is a smaller, removable box that can be used to store everything from paper clips and fountain pen nibs to earrings and other baubles.

No ordinary pencil cases, these eye-catching rectangular boxes are designed to hold favourite pens and pencils or even your finest jewellery. The lid flap folds around to create an open presentation case, displaying the treasures within.

The wrap-around lid connects to hidden magnets embedded in the case, keeping your belongings secure even during travel. The well-crafted paper design is highly sturdy and always holds its shape.

Paperblanks is proud to give credit to the talented individuals and artistic movements that have inspired their journal designs.

Every pencil case comes with a Paperblanks bookmark containing credit and copyright information, as well as a fascinating historical background for the original artwork.

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