Drimark Counterfeit Detector Pen 1 pack


Dri Mark’s classic forgery detection pen tests for counterfeit bills by quickly authenticating genuine banknote paper.

Simple to use. Make a small mark on US currency. A clear/amber mark indicates US currency paper. A dark mark means the bill is probably counterfeit. Since currency paper stock is not available to the public, Dri Mark’s special ink authenticates the paper’s stock by color.

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This bill checker has been the standard in counterfeit detection for over 25 years.

Dri Mark is the original patent holder and only domestic manufacturer of counterfeit detector pens. For over 25 years, the Dri Mark Counterfeit Detector Pen has been the best-selling and most success­ful counterfeit detection product in the industry. More recently, Dri Mark has pioneered the use of LED technology for counterfeit detection. Today, Dri Mark is the leader in point-of-purchase counterfeit detection.

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