Onde Dynamized Aloe Vera Cream Original 3.4oz


Pure Organic and Cold pressed Aloe Vera. Dynamized (energized) with a Silver rod.
No Fragrance added. For Face, Body and Hair Use. 

Benefits of Dynamized Aloe Vera:

  • Rapid hydration at the cellular level,
  • Improvement of the immune system,
  • Revitalization of the body,
  • Better metabolism.

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Used regularly, Dynamized Aloe Vera improves the appearance of aged or damaged skin by promoting new skin-cell growth.

As a natural pH balancer, it gives the skin a smoother appearance and removes dead skin to unclog pores.

Once natural Aloe Vera gel has dried on the surface of the skin, it provides a protective barrier that helps keep moisture locked in. It has cooling effects, reduces acne inflammation and assist in healing, removing redness and soothing dry or angry skin.

Aloe Vera gel is absorbed almost four times quicker than water and is able to reach some of the deepest tissue in the body. This enables it to deliver nutrients directly into the skin where it is needed most.

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Weight .4 lbs
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