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Our Ironberry cover reproduces the binding of a prayer book belonging to the Archbishop Clement Augustus of Cologne. The prayers were written by Maria Joseph Clement Kaukol and the bound copies were given as gifts to the Archbishop’s friends, presumably to strengthen ties of friendship.

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Our collection of cover designs spans centuries of tradition and innovation in bookbinding. Some of these designs are vivid illustrations of certain trends in the field, while others more simply embody a sense of elegance and good taste. With its plain frames, uncluttered pattern and delicate garlands, this Iron & Twine edition represents just this kind of easygoing yet undeniable beauty.

The original book that was used for creating this cover contained a selection of prayers written by Maria Joseph Clement Kaukol, a secretary to Clement Augustus, Archbishop Elector of Cologne. Only a limited number of copies were bound, so that the archbishop could present these as special gifts to his friends. The book was created in 1729, most likely in Cologne or Bonn, and it was embellished with engravings, calligraphic inscriptions and ornamental vignettes. As for the cover itself, the simple strips of the double frame were decorated with vines stylised in the Rococo fashion of serpentine shapes and ornaments, not unlike a twisting piece of twine.

The colour of the Ironberry cover is very similar to the brick-red tone of the dyed goatskin of the original. Both the title of the design, Ironberry, and the name of the series, Iron & Twine, are borne out of the association between iron and the colour red.

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