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“If you have been labeled obsessive, compulsive, ADD, ADHD, too much, over the top, a maniac, too intense, and more you must get Be Obsessed or Be Average. My entire life I was labeled these things and more. I was even prescribed drugs to manage my so called “issues.” When I finally learned how to use my obsessions rather than make excuses for them my life exploded. I finally found the girl of my dreams, wrote five best selling books, 12 best selling business programs, built a $500m real estate portfolio and got into the best physical and spiritual condition of my life.

In Be Obsessed or Be Average I will show you how to flip your so called problems into the gifts of genius and the energy necessary to fulfill your purpose and unique reason for even existing. I will show you how your obsessions and supposed neuroses are the very things you have in common with every great person that has ever walked this planet. “




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