No-Nonsense Guide to Antibiotics: Dangers, Benefits & Proper Use


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By Moira Dolan MD.

Antibiotics can be lifesaving, but they are so often prescribed without good reason that they generate more drug side effects than any other class of medicines. On a personal level, antibiotics can cause mild to deathly side effects.

Antibiotic overuse in the larger society has forced the widespread growth of drug resistant bugs, causing a global health crisis according to the World Health Organization.
In this latest in the series of No-Nonsense Guides, Dr. Dolan describes a rational approach to appropriate antibiotic use or avoidance. This handy reference for many of the most common symptoms and illnesses discusses antibiotic characteristics and side effects in easy-to-understand language. As with Dr. Dolan’s other SmartMEDinfo No-Nonsense Guides, this book is not ‘anti-drug’ but rather ‘pro-informed consent’ with the goal of empowering consumers to consider the risks and benefits of prescriptions for themselves.


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