Lia And The Wolves: The Lost City By Monica de Castro (Author).


Lia And The Wolves: The Lost City
By Monica de Castro (Author).

This Book is About Lia and Her Adventures.
“Wow, have you ever been to Asia, my friends?
I always dream of visiting its beautiful countries
with monks, huge old temples decorated with dragons
and spears, and to see the huge statues of the Buddha.”
The Author takes you to the Asian world for the one of
the best adventures of your life!

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About Monica I De Castro

Monica I de Castro is a student of the Community Learning Center. She is 14 y.o. and is the One of the 3 living people on the Planet who wrote her first book when she was 12 years old.

The only person in the World who has written 2 books and is writing the third one by the age of 14.

She has been involved in community volunteering since she was 7.

For the last 2 years she has been reading a lot and has read over 12 books averaging 200 pages.

Monica was awarded for outstanding Volunteering work as the Ambassador of The Way to Happiness Foundation in 2018 and The Way to Happiness Scholarship Award winner of 2019.

During the Summer she participated in over 20 community clean ups.

Monica’s passion is writing stories that teach dignity, faith, courage, kindness, friendship and loyalty. Since she is a teenager, her language and the way of telling the story is simple and kids love it because the Author is speaking their language.

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