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CalMag-C: Your Solution for Better Sleep and Relaxation

Take a few minutes to find out how important calcium and magnesium are for your good health…

Why Is Instant CalMag-C So Important?

We all know that we need calcium and magnesium. The number of deficiencies in these two minerals alone can cause almost any unpleasant symptoms and it’s these symptoms that aren’t commonly known.
Two of them are an inability to sleep or relax and so many people battle with these. An inability to sleep is actually just an inability to relax. Then there’s muscle aches and pains, especially after exerting the body – and often even when it hasn’t been exerted.
Inexplicable things like restless legs – or charley horses – can be caused by deficiencies as well as other problems like constipation, teething problems in the young ones and PMS. Ten days before a woman starts her menstrual cycle, calcium levels start dropping. As the cycle begins, the levels take another dive and that action alone can cause the most unpleasant symptoms that so many experience. These are only just a few examples. There are dozens more.
There are also other very important facts about these two minerals that are not so well known.
In order for the nervous system to work it needs an “electrical” current to send and receive signals from all the organs, glands, and muscles. This is how the correct messages are relayed to carry out the body functions or for messages to be carried back to the brain, which is the “boss” of the central nervous system.
Minerals are what creates this “electrical” current and two of the most vital minerals are calcium (the most abundant mineral in the body) and magnesium. They have to be in a certain ratio to do their job – 2:1 calcium to magnesium. Because they are alkaline, they also need some kind of acid like vitamin C to adjust the pH so they can be absorbed and used by the body. This is another very important fact: if the pH isn’t in the right range then the minerals can deposit in unwanted places.
Calcium’s job is to help contract the muscles while magnesium’s job is to help relax them. Think of a heartbeat – contract, relax, contract, relax – and that’s how the signals are carried and how the body functions. This muscle contraction even includes the colon (think of constipation – the muscles are not contracting and relaxing to push the waste out), the eyes, and many more body functions.
Calcium is so important that it is the only nutrient that has it’s own gland – the parathyroid (no relation to the thyroid, just neighbors) to maintain the amount of calcium circulating in the body.
This Calcium 101 video gives more data about the parathyroid and how calcium and magnesium work –

You may have noticed there are many forms of calcium and wondered if all of them are equal. They’re not. The body cannot use many of them so they get deposited in various places like the joints, kidneys, behind the eyes and so on. Calcium gluconate and calcium lactate can be used by the body.
Instant CalMag-C is a powdered combination of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate in a 2:1 ratio along with vitamin C to adjust the pH. All you need to do is mix it with some boiling water. It doesn’t even have to be broken down in the body because that’s already been done by mixing it correctly. Now it can be instantly absorbed by the body.
Many people report how it helps relieve discomforts, relaxes them and helps with sleep or restless legs and many other symptoms. Below is one of the success stories:
“I just wanted to let you know about some success I’ve been having with the CalMag-C product.  My son who is 9 years old was having problems sleeping.  He would come into my room in the middle of the night crying that he couldn’t sleep and had been up for hours just lying in bed trying to sleep.  I tried many different things but nothing was working.  It was actually getting worse and I really didn’t know what to do.  This was of course affecting his attitude during the day and he was just cranky.
“I started making the CalMag-C for him every night just before bed and honestly it was like night and day.  I never expected it to work as well as it did.  He started sleeping through the night! It’s kind of amazing, because I figured it would help but I never expected it to fully handle the problem.  Dylan now asks for “his drink” before bed every night. He knows that he has to have it and in fact likes it.
“Thanks so much for a good product.  It makes me happy as a mom to help my son, but also just the knowledge that he is getting nutrients that he needs with the Calcium, Magnesium and vitamin C that is helping his overall immune system.  I have been telling my fellow mom’s and other friends about this product as well and would recommend it to anyone just to stay healthy.” Julianna O, NJ – January 6, 2016
  Do you have a success story to share from using CalMag-C? Let us know in the comments!
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“How to Live 150 Years in Health” An honest book review


"How to Live 150 Years in Health" is currently a featured item on our website and is on sale at 20% off.
“How to Live 150 Years in Health” is currently a featured item on our website and is on sale at 20% off.

See why this book is our current best-seller in Health and Nutrition…

Wouldn’t we all want to know “How to Live 150 Years in Health”? I don’t normally do book reviews, but this is the most important health book I have read in twenty or twenty-five years!

We started carrying this book at our store based on the request of a customer who works with the author in Italy. I decided to read the book, not because I was personally interested, but because its title threw me off and I was seriously wondering if I should be selling such a book in our store. What if it was just a scam and I was lending it our reputation and implicit endorsement?

So I took a copy home and started reading it. Well, along about chapter 3, the author explains the scientific backing for what appears to be a rather outlandish claim that we could live to 150 years of age in good health.

After reading it, I think you too, would agree that he is making a realistic claim and that mankind will in fact, achieve this in this 21st century, if not in my lifetime. The odds are that if I can just keep myself alive and in relatively decent health for another fifteen years, science will have progressed to the point where I could reasonably extend my life to well over 100 and perhaps to 125 years of age. This is rather remarkable, but we are poised on the verge of some great breakthroughs and even those of us who are already past middle age are not too old to benefit from them.

Dr. Tsoukalas blows apart some of the favorite misconceptions most of us hold about such varied topics as cholesterol, vitamins, vaccinations, insulin therapy for diabetes and so on. You will learn how the whole subject of “high cholesterol” was introduced as a money-making scam foisted on the public by the FDA at the behest of a pharmaceutical company purely for profit motives.

While thoroughly backing up his statements with references to the relevant scientific literature, he presents his case in a highly readable and informative format that is easy to understand.Of course, I wouldn’t want to live to 150 years old if I felt a day over 80! But Dr. Tsoukalas explains that this would indeed be pointless and undesirable. He suggests how it could be achieved while maintaining a much younger biological age in which one remained active and healthy.

If this interests you, I highly recommend his book.