Douglas Flying Unicorn Macaroon


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Douglas Flying Unicorn Macaroon

A sweet fantasy pick-me-up, our plush Flying Unicorn Macaroon isn’t one to turn down an adventure! Her plump shape is crafted in delectably soft micro fiber materials. You can count on her to bounce back after every affectionate squeeze because we’ve stuffed her with only the silkiest, most resilient polyester fill. This mystic pony’s gentle lavender color is complemented by her fluffy purple tipped mane and tail. Eye catching, metallic silver materials brighten her horn and the undersides of her pegasus wings for a fanciful look. Stitched nostril detail and lively, dark eyes come together to create her lovable expression. Add this winged Unicorn Macaroon to your stables and she’s certain to dazzle you with her squeezable softness and imaginative fantasy design!

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