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Enjoy nature’s nutrition (not synthetic vitamins).

This perfectly balanced blend of whole foods is especially formulated to supply you with Natural Food Source Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Essential Trace Elements. These are Nature’s Nutrients, not man made or synthetic. All ingredients are from the richest, whole food sources on the planet and are organically grown or wildcrafted. This formula will give you quick energy, and tastes great. It should be the foundation of any health building program because it is nutrients that build a good healthy body. When you take Total Nutrition, you’re set for the day.

Spirulina Blue Green Algae: Spirulina is one of the most concentrated, nutritious foods on this planet. It is the highest natural source of complete protein (77%). It is extremely high in Beta Carotene, and is also a rich source of B-Vitamins. especially B-12. Spirulina is also one of the richest sources of Minerals. Being one of the oldest types of algae, it has a soft cell wall for easy digestion and assimilation.

Chlorella: Chlorella is second only to Spirulina in nutritional content. Another of the Algaes, it is an extremely concentrated source of nutrition that also assists in heavy metal removal from the body. The cell wall has been cracked to make the nutrients more available and increase its digestibility.

Astragalus: In Oriental Herbology, Astragalus shares the #1 spot with Ginseng. Astragalus not only has a reputation for preventing Cancer, but it is legendary for rejuvenating digestive organs and balancing blood sugar levels. Astragalus also corrects metabolism, and can therefore bring about weight loss or weight gain depending on the needed improvement. This makes it equally great for weight lifters and weight reducers. Furthermore, Astragalus strengthens and builds the immune system, promotes the healing of every kind of wound or injury, balances Hormones and is well known for dramatically increasing energy levels. Lastly, it is essential in assisting those who wish to handle Diabetes.

Alfalfa, Barley and Wheat Grasses These are the Vitamin / Mineral Herb Grasses. They are mildly cleansing and the greatest sources of nutrition and minerals of any of the grasses. Grain grasses are more powerful than the grains themselves, offering a rich source of Vitamins, Minerals and Chlorophyll.

Purple Dulse Seaweed Seaweeds are the richest source of assimilable minerals on the planet. They contain all the minerals and trace elements that are found in all the Oceans and the Earth’s crust. Purple Dulse was chosen for this formula because it has the highest mineral concentration but also a bland, less fishy taste that actually tastes good by itself.

Beet Root and Spinach Leaf Beets and Spinach are some of the most assimilable sources of organic iron. Beets, being a root vegetable and growing underground, change inorganic raw elements into plant minerals, that are useable by us. Spinach is a rich source of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Vitamin K. Both of these plants are famous for their blood building ability.

Rose Hips, Orange and Lemon Peels Revered as the best sources of Vitamin C, these fruits are also a balanced C-Complex source. They contain BioFlavinoids, Rutin, Hesperidin, Calcium and all of the trace elements that are now known to be necessary to assimilate Vitamin C. The citrus peels are also one of the highest sources of Pectin, which has been proven to remove heavy metals (Mercury, Lead, etc.) from the body, and even remove radioactive contamination like deadly Strontium 90.

Non-Active Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Nutritional Yeast This yeast is grown on beets and pure molasses. It is the second highest source of complete protein in nature (50%), and the richest source of B Vitamins. It is also a rich source of Iron and many other minerals. The yeast we choose is heated high enough to absolutely destroy any yeast activity, but not high enough to lessen the B Vitamin content. It is totally NON active and safe for clients with Candida Albicans or on yeast free diets.

O Green Dragon Recipe O

Two (2) Rounded Tablespoons of Total Nutrition & Two (2) Tablespoons of UDO’s Oil (or an extremely high quality Flaxseed Oil) blended in 10 to 12 oz of Organic Apple Juice. You could live off this recipe!!!

This formula in an attempt to make the perfect meal so that the maximum amount of nutrition, vitamins and minerals would be absorbed in the shortest amount of time creating the greatest amount of benefit for any individual. This recipe works wonders on all age groups including the very young and the very old alike. It’s a pleasant drink which goes down smoothly and gives the lift needed to get through a busy day. It gives most people all the vitamins and minerals they need for the entire day, and most of these nutrients are in your bloodstream working within fifteen minutes, some within fifteen seconds.

*Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only, is not intended to serve as medical advice, and has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA or the AMA. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. If you are ill or suspect you may have a health problem, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your health care provider.

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