Genext Nutrition Immune Support 60 capsules


Boost Your Immune System Defense with Vitamins C, D3, A, E, Zinc, Selenium, Elderberry, Hibiscus.

Vitamins and minerals in the Immune Support capsules help your immune system fight viruses and bacteria in sinus, throat and respiratory tract. They boost the activity of immune cells.

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-VITAMIN C AND B6 FOR MORE IMMUNE CELLS: Your body uses vitamins C and B6 to make more immune cells that attack viruses and bacteria.
-VITAMIN E TO BOOST ANTIBODIES: Vitamin E boosts your production of B-cells. These secrete antibodies to fight viruses and bacteria.
-VITAMIN D3 AND ZINC TO ACTIVATE IMMUNE CELLS: Immune system T-cells need vitamin D and zinc in order to activate. Without these nutrients, T-cells remain dormant and inactive.
-FOLATE FOR NATURAL KILLER CELLS: Your immune system needs folate to fire off its Natural Killer cells against viruses and bacteria. The methyl folate in the capsules is the same as you find in food. The body can use it immediately
-IRON IN HIBISCUS FOR MORE AND STRONGER IMMUNE CELLS: Hibiscus is a good natural source of iron, which is necessary for immune cells to proliferate and mature.
-VITAMIN A FOR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM SUPPORT. Vitamin A keeps mucous membranes moist in nasal passages and throat. This protects the inside parts of your body that are exposed to air.
-ELDERBERRY TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Elderberries are packed with antioxidants that help your immune system tame inflammation.
-SELENIUM FOR ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: Your body needs selenium to make the super-antioxidant gluthathione peroxidase.
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