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BOOSTme Now! The healthiest, no BS Energy Gel Shot, 12 shots

These All-Natural Energy Gel Shots are smooth from start to finish.

BOOSTme Energy Gel Shots contain our amazing, proprietary blend of the best Primary adaptogenic herbs – Golden root (Rhodioloa rosea extract), Maral root (Leuzia carthamoides), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), and Limonnik (Schizandra chinesis) – with a bonus: an added kick from green coffee bean extract and Guarana fruit extract for the healthiest energy booster shot out there! With no added sugar you get a long-lasting physical and mental quick energy boost without the crash!*

BOOSTme NOW All-Natural Energy Gel Shots contains no gluten, no trans-fat, and no added sugar. Mixed Berry flavor is derived from all-natural ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors.

It comes in individually packaged gel “shots” that can be taken straight from the pouch. Simply tear off the top and enjoy!


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