Bodyhealth Body Detox Oral Spray


A unique combination of natural detoxifiers, immunostimulators and powerful antioxidants, Body Detox is complete solution for removing toxins, boosting the immune system, and restoring your optimal health.

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Bodyhealth Body Detox Oral Spray


After witnessing first-hand the health-destroying effects of heavy-metal accumulation and toxic load in his patients, Dr. Minkoff set out to create a solution that did not require IV needles and expensive pharmaceutical chelation treatments. A solution that would facilitate the body’s own natural detox processes and restore optimal health safely for everyone.

The result is Body Detox, a 21st century solution to our modern crisis of pollution and toxicity, with a revolutionary combination of advanced biotechnology, homeopathic, and natural medicine:

  • Advanced glycoprotein nanoparticles with more chelating power than EDTA, the standard treatment for heavy metal detoxification* [1]
  • Helps rejuvenate and regulate your intestinal tract, your primary elimination pathway and barometer of health.* [2-3]
  • Powerful antioxidants to help neutralize damaging free-radicals
  • Safely shunts toxins through your liver and to the intestines, saving your kidneys from the damage and overwork common in many detox programs*
  • Boosted with glutathione, your body’s primary detox compound so you don’t burn your own precious reserves of this critical agent* [4]
  • Homeopathically formulated against many of the most prevalent environmental toxins*


Body Detox is a tasteless, odorless oral spray that is easy to use. This unique delivery mechanism also makes it easy to adjust to your own needs, whether engaging in a deep detox regimen or simple daily use as a prophylactic – stopping the toxins before they ever have a chance to build up in the first place.



    1. Follow link to Case Study. This claim is further substantiated by unpublished research conducted in our lab. Please inquire for specific details.
    2. Gratz, SW, et al., Probiotics and gut health, World Journal of Gastroenterology, 2010.
    3. Goldin, B., and Gorback, S, Clinical Indications for Probiotics, Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2008
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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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