Johnson’s Foot Soap 8 packets, 8oz.


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Ohh! Those aching feet! Your feet do a lot for you — walking, running, standing, hiking — they put in a long work week. So, why not pamper them and soak away foot misery in a relaxing bath of Johnson’s Foot Soap?

This quick dissolving powder provides triple action relief that penetrates, soothes and relaxes tired achy feet. Helps invigorate foot muscles, leaving feet fresh, soft and odor-free. Plus, Johnson’s Foot Soap:

  • Softens Corns and Calluses
  • Relieves Itching and Burning
  • Freshens with Baking Soda

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Johnson’s Foot Soap 8 packets

Not Just for Feet

Looking for a complete all over refreshing experience? Pamper yourself by soaking your entire body in a Johnson’s Foot Soap bath and discover how relaxed and energized you feel.

Available wherever quality health and beauty products are sold!

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