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How to Keep Your Cool When the Weather Isn’t

The heat can do funny things to people…

…and some not-so-funny things, including giving you heat-exhaustion or heat stroke.

Those are extreme examples, though. Most of us are familiar with the less alarming effects of hot weather: tingling skin, headaches, feeling dizzy or faint – those kinds of things. While not generally fatal, they can be *really* annoying, especially if you’re having a *really* good time (like… at the beach, for example).

It is possible to help alleviate or prevent these symptoms by giving your body the things that it may be asking for by exhibiting those signs.

Here’s a handy mini-guide to some of the reasons your body may be losing it’s cool and some things you can do to help get it back:

You May Just Need to Chill

Sometimes, you just need to get out of the sun and sit under a tree or an umbrella. Jumping into a pool or the ocean is also a good way to cool down. If you’re starting to feel… “not so hot”, you can try just taking a break and getting out of the heat for a little while.

You Might be Dehydrated

This may be relatively obvious, but if you are feeling tired, weak or dizzy, or you develop a headache – you may be dehydrated. One of simplest things you can do to prevent many of these symptoms is: drink plenty of water.

You Might Need Electrolytes

Electrolytes help the nerves maintain communication with one another. That affects a whole bunch of body systems, since nerves are… well… everywhere. Electrolytes also help you stay hydrated. ┬áThere is a long list of symptoms that could point to you needing electrolytes, but some common ones are nausea, headaches and dizziness.

There are a number of different electrolytes, such as Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium which you can get as tablets, capsules and sometimes liquid. They can also be found combined in powders that you can mix with water or other fluids or tablets that dissolve easily in your mouth.

How About a Snack?

You may also know Sodium + Chloride as… SALT… so when you can’t seem to stop eating potato chips when it’s hot out (guilty), this might be your body asking for electrolytes. Don’t want to eat half a bag of chips? Try some salted nuts or sunflower seeds or some salted veggie chips.

There are other foods and drinks that have multiple nutrients that can help fortify you against seriously overheating. Here are some more to try:

So, when you fill up your beach bag – don’t forget the water, electrolytes and some delicious hydrating snacks; and have an awesome summer!

What’s your favorite way to beat the heat? Let us know in the comments!

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